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But I genuinely think it's because I am not a TV mom. The first time I noticed this strange trend was while watching The Good Wife. There have been countless trend pieces written about Alicia Florrick's professional style. I mean, Michelle Obama famously wore a Florrick-approved Michael Kors skirt suit combo to the State of The Union. But how many times did I see Alicia working late nights from home, clad in a cashmere sweater and bootcut jeans? While there's nothing wrong with that particular outfit — in fact, I covet almost all her clothes — it does mean that she came home from a long day at the office, shed her blazer, and rather than reach for her Club Monaco loungewear (because of course) or Burberry PJs, opted for another kind of daytime outfit. WHY? Is this really a thing that mothers do? I can’t ever remember my mom getting home from her dental practice and changing into jeans, but maybe I’m just projecting. Is this one of those secret things they don’t tell you about until you’re in the Mom Club?

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